SRN Emulation

To plug and play, you can use srnmininet. The following commands launched at the root of the project are sufficient to start experimenting with SRN.

vagrant up
vagrant ssh
cd srnmininet
make start

They create a provisioned VM, launch the default SRN topology and open a Mininet CLI. You can then launch programs inside the emulated network. The following command will tests the latency of a DNS request in a SRN

sr-testdns sr <number_request> <remote_name> <dns_server_addr>

The arguments are defined as follows:

  • number_request: the number of request to make
  • remote_name: the remote name to query (in the default topology, it is
  • dns_server_addr: the address of the machine on which the DNS server is launched (in the default topology, it is launched in C)

If you wish to launch another topology, you can call in the srnmininet folder (inside the VM):

python scripts/ --topo <topology-class-name> --log <LOG_LEVEL> --src-dir ../srn --log-dir <logs-directory>

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