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Kernel compilation

First, you need to fetch the latest kernel sources.

$ git clone

Once the repository is cloned, you can either use it at the latest commit, or checkout a stable revision. For example, in order to use v0.20:

$ git checkout v0.20

You can now proceed to the kernel configuration. At least, make sure that the options CONFIG_IPV6, CONFIG_LWTUNNEL and CONFIG_IPV6_SEG6_IPTUNNEL are enabled.

Once the kernel is compiled, you can continue the standard installation procedure.

Userland tools

The SR-IPv6 implementation can be controlled with a modified iproute2 tool. First, fetch the sources:

$ git clone

Then, proceed to the compilation and installation (./configure && make && make install).

During the compilation, if you encounter an issue about xtables headers (meaning that you probably have outdated kernel headers in /usr/include/linux), you can try to prevent tc from being compiled. Edit the Makefile in iproute2 sources and find the line starting with SUBDIRS=, which should look like:

SUBDIRS=lib ip tc bridge misc netem genl tipc man

Remove tc from the line, such that it looks like:

SUBDIRS=lib ip bridge misc netem genl tipc man

And retry the compilation.

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